Techie Breakie @ Apollo

Allowing a time to collaborate and build ICT capacity

Session 1: Posts and Comments


Now you have your blog, let’s get into some of the fun stuff…

What is a post?

Posts are where you’ll publish your main content such as what’s been happening in your classroom. They are displayed in reverse-chronological order with the most recent post at the top of the page. Your posts are the way in which you add new information, photos or videos to your blog. A good post usually has an open-ended question at the end which requires people to respond and leave comments.

How do I know what to post about?

Have a look at this great video for some good ideas…

Here is a detailed description with tutorial videos on how to make your first post.

What is a ‘quality’ comment?

Teaching children to make quality comments is an important part of educational blogging. It reinforces important literacy skills and allows for meaningful conversations to occur through your blog. Have a read of Katheen Morris’ informative article on the importance of quality commenting and how to teach commenting skills here.

What is your new blog URL so we can add it to our ‘links’ widget?


  1. Hi Techie Breakiers,

    The 1D blog URL is

    Please come visit us when we are up and running!

    From Jessica

  2. Fantastic session. I learnt how to make my first post on my grade blob. Much appreciated for all your wonderful help.
    From Kerry

  3. Dear Miss May
    Thanks for a great blogging session about writing comments this morning!

  4. Loving breakie – I mean ‘techie breakie’

  5. Hello Miss May with a capital M. This is my very first post. Thank you for giving up your Monday mornings to drag us into the blogging world.

  6. Can’t wait to make some glitter, flashing, sparkly headings!

  7. Dear Miss May,
    This is very interesting as well as exciting. This is my first time at Techie Breakie and I am really enjoying it. Thank-you from Julie

  8. Hi Rachel,
    You girls are doing a great job!

  9. Dear Rachael, Justine and Amy,

    The ham & cheese croissants are amazing!

  10. Hello Rachael, Amy and Justine

    Just a quick comment to let you know how exciting our blogging sessions are. I am learning lots and looking forward to putting this into practise.
    Lisa Costanzo 🙂

  11. Great brekkie, awesome PD:) Michelle

  12. (Sorry) …..
    Dear Miss May,
    You girls are doing a great job!

  13. To the Techie Breakie Gang

    I was disappointed I missed your last session but have just had a chance to look through the material on Techie Breakie blog….great info on how to add a new post – I think I’ve done it!!!!
    Thanks for all your hard work.


    • Thank you for your comment Trish, well done on making your first post! We are ‘blinging’ up our blogs this week if you can make it.

      Techie Breakie Crew 🙂

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