Techie Breakie @ Apollo

Allowing a time to collaborate and build ICT capacity

March 25, 2015
by Miss May

Round 2 – Techie Breakie!

Get excited because…Techie Breakie is here again!

Due to a huge success in 2012, we will be again focusing on BLOGGING but over a shorter period. It will be a great chance to further your understanding of blogging and how it can improve teaching and learning. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there will be something for you! Especially as this year, every grade level will be using a Science blog.

Techie Breakie will take place on a Thursday morning from 8am in the staffroom.

Please read the invite below and RSVP via the comments section.

 If you are unsure of how to leave a comment, please look at the diagram below…

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